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I assist you with a personally designed wedding ring that capture your unique relationship, without you having to consider countless designs that do not suit your hand, budget and lifestyle, so you have one less thing to worry about on your wedding day.


Round and round we GO!

Lines of wire of 9kt yellow gold and Argentium silver wrapped around a titanium sleeve to symbolise the coming together of a family.

Fit for a Princess

An exceptional Princess cut diamond as the centrepiece in 9kt white gold with slightly smaller moissanite stones and three, pointer diamonds to finish the sparkle of the engagement ring. The two side-wedding bands both each contain five, pointer diamonds.

Two lives flowing together

A most exiting combination of colour, form and texture. 9kt yellow gold with a flat rough texture and 9ktwh ite gold in a D-shape smooth ring.

Dancing in harmony

Yellow and white gold offsets in a modest and functional D-shape setting with diamonds. Ideal for someone that works a lot with her hands or wear gloves.

Free-flowing with rough Patches

Life is filled with contrasts, free-flowing with some rough patches and rewarding moments.This ring resembles a river flowing with diamonds and sapphires in 9kt white gold.

Lava flow

Damascus steel ring and a clear Cubic zirconium in a silver horseshoe setting sleeved with a mill grain edge solid silver making it more feminine.

Five together as One

Symbolise the coming together of two families. Brought together in a wedding band unites the five members as 9kt yellow and white gold bands with diamonds. 

Metal From The Sky

Meteorite is an iron based material-space debris. What makes meteorite rings so special is their natural patterns, which are the result of nickel-iron crystals growing as the heated meteorite very slowly cools over millions of years. 

Sparkling geometric lines
White gold and diamonds in a geometric design with an added band on the side brings a bit of a wave. The 45-degrees diamond’s square setting gives this ring an intriguing look and feel from all angles.
Wood Grain Metal

 Mokume gane translates closely to “wood grain metal” or “wood eye metal”. Mokume gane fuses several layers of differently coloured precious metals together. Bending and twisting produses the distinctive patterns. In this ring 24kt yellow gold, pure silver, sterling silver and copper was used.

Mysterious spirograph

A stunning combination of Spirograph Damascus steel and mysterious milky moonstone in a silver setting.

Dainty frills forever
Ruby and moissanite Princess-cut stones are the focal point of this delicate Argentium silver engagement ring. Beauty is affordable.
Executive Style in Titanium

Anodised lines in this clean styled titanium ring creates a very slick modern design.

Gold flows with Diamonds
Flowing style of yellow and white  gold with diamonds. The coming together of geometric and organic lines around diamonds.
What do you see?

Argentium silver and 18kt yellow gold frames the eye – a beautiful cognac brown diamond. 

Rough To The Touch

Rustic gents ring in silver and 18kt gold splashes. This design and the fact that it’s made from sterling silver means that it grows with you. Changing and wearing to become part of you.

Light thru the Asteroid Field
Damascus steel with a solid silver sleeve and 18ct yellow gold with silver inlays.
Rays of Light

The clear acrylic makes for a beautiful play of light bouncing off the 9kt gold and sterling silver precious metals.

Old with a New Jacket

An old 18kt yellow gold ring was transformed into a sleek new modern style ring with titanium sides and sleeve.

Damascus Waves of Silver
Dome of wavy damascus steel in a solid sterling silver sleeve finished with side bands.

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