Nostalgia Collection

Jewels of affection... sometimes from Yester-Year


Eye of Africa

The pendant has modernised dimensions with an African look-and-feel. The African leopard print was contrasted in oxidised silver varying the shiny and the textured with a silver Topaz in the centre. Wear it on a leather string with a silver clasp.

Africa Leopard

Matching the Eye of Africa pendant, the leopard print was contrasted in oxidised silver varying the shiny and the textured on this ring. The set, specially made for the IWFF, makes a bold statement of wildlife in Africa.

Blast from the Past

The South African Reserve Bank started issuing these 0.05 South African Rand coins in 1989. They were withdrawn from circulation in 2006.

These 5 cent South Africa coins depict the blue crane, the national bird of South Africa. Also known as the Stanley crane or the paradise crane, this large bird is now classified as a vulnerable species following a sudden decline in numbers in the early 1980s.

Master of the Masterpiece

Crystals of rough Garnets glued into the sterling silver cross, which was the master of the gold cross that was cast in cuttlefish bone. Everything was set in resin and polished up to be worn on a silver chain.

Israeli Secret

The Eilat stone, aka the King Solomon Stone, is the National stone of Israel.

The simple sterling silver setting with cubic zirconias distinctively compliments the green-blue mixture of secondary copper minerals.

Futuristic, hi-tech fish

A functional, sterling silver brooch, not too heavy and without frills.

The pink mabe pearl is the eye of this alien fish and to carry on the little salmon pink colour of the mabe pearl through to the tail with a reddish-pink tourmaline. 

Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistiaction

Hoop earrings continue to be one of the oldest fashion trends. They symbolise strength. The circular shape of hoop earrings show unity, infinity, and wholeness. Adding a twist on the edges created a fresh new look.

African Splender

The handcrafted, 18kt white and yellow gold, African map earrings fitted with marques diamonds are a perfect memento of a great holiday. Notice the ever so slightly, small diamond to show that the most southern part of the African continent was visited.

Damask pattern connecting B&W

African Blackwood and a warthog tooth for an African gentleman. Add a bit of sophistication in sterling silver, aged to perfection

Bundle of Colour

Colourful gems in a flow of 9kt gold vines. 

Branded tie-clip

Make a statement with your style and personal brand. Wear a personally designed tie-clip every day to make an impression. The tie-clip is made from sterling silver using its natural ability to oxidize and create contrast between the name and outer clip.

Antique Artefact from the deep-sea

The sperm whale or cachalot is the largest of the toothed whales and the largest toothed predator. This tooth is over 65 years old and has a remarkably interesting story of being buried for 40 years.  Its capped with patinaed copper to give it the distinctive aged look.

Modern Diana ring with solid foundatin

A modern equivalent of the old trusted Lady Di setting. With a thicker side in a solid silver, this Basket design looks fresh and new.

Crocodile tooth pendant

The complete crocodile tooth, from the sharp tip to the rugged top, set in a silver collar. The silver frame protects the thin, uneven and slightly hollow edge of the tooth. Keep it all-natural and wear it on a black leather string.

Treasure Childhood Memories

An old baby bangle was transformed into a modern-day jewellery piece. Each segment represents one of her family members names so that she can wear that which is dear to her, close to her heart.

Ancient trade fair to wear

Portuguese coins commemorating the great years of Portuguese sea trade in the 15th and 16th centuries. This silver coin is full of impurities that made it brittle after centuries of use. The coin frame has very little tension on the coin whilst keeping it intact.

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Inspiration behind Timeless Pieces

"See van Glas"

The inspiration came listening to a sermon ”The Sea of Glass” (Revelations 4:6) where John saw a sea smooth like crystal. From rough sea to smooth and quiet. This had to be a ring depicting exactly that. I had an obsidian stone that I wanted to use, only later realising that it was volcanic glass. There was no excitement while creating this ring, until the stone was set in place.

All came together in one moment of glory. Without Christ your life is emotional and stormy. With Him your life is purified in fire and then flows into perfect stability.

Shell Brooche

Keep it real, keep it natural…

Picked up a piece of abalone shell while on holiday. Adding a silver frame turned it into a piece of imagination. God created this unique texture, silver changed the purpose into a wearable art piece.

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