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Natural Shine

African-blackwood and giraffe bone with 9kt red gold inlay and a solid silver insert that binds everything together in a wide, slightly domed ring.

Black and Red

Equal amounts of 9kt red gold and dark African-blackwood in this beautiful design. All held together with a titanium sleeve 

From the Earth

A masculine 9kt gold, silver, bone and teakwood 11mm wide ring fitted with a soft edge sleeve.

Olive on the wild side

Beautiful lines from olive wood contrasting the sharp cold titanium sleeve and sidebands. For the modern man that loves the outdoors.

Two lives flowing together

A most exiting combination of colour, form and texture. 9kt yellow gold with a flat rough texture and 9ktwh ite gold in a D-shape smooth ring.

Venetian Glass Flower

Murano glass-ends from Venice. Contrasting the smooth glass with a rough textured silver base for great cuff links with an Italian flavour.

Swim, Cycle, Run

The three triathlon disciplines, i.e. swimming, cycling and running, cut from a flat piece of sterling silver and mounted on a flexible rubber band.

Separate Body And Soul By Gold

Damascus steel is not a pure metal. It is a variety of impurities and an embodiment of high carbon percentages to provide the beauty, strength and durability.. 
Combined this metal with gold, silver and hippo ivory to make it one of a kind ring.

Braided Blue Benefit’s

Perfect unisex ring. It is a combination of smooth anodized titanium and weaved textures.

Turn and Twisted

The age-old tradition of forging metal was used to create this bangle from sterling silver.

Bulls Eye off the Cuff

Blue Tiger Eye is a naturally occurring dark stone with chatoyant layers that create a flash which seems to emanate from within the stone as they catch the light. A simple silver frame around this unusual cut stone is all it needed to bring out the lustre. Beautiful cufflinks from nature.

Rough To The Touch

Rustic gents ring in silver and 18kt gold splashes. This design and the fact that it’s made from sterling silver means that it grows with you. Changing and wearing to become part of you.

Perfect Heartbeat

The bearer of the ring’s ECG reading in yellow gold and silver gives this ring a unique bi-metal look.

Gothic Cross

A sharp edge Gothic style cross with a ribbon wrapped around it. The wired textured surface of the silver cross contrasts the smooth finish of the ribbon.

Metal From The Sky

Meteorite is an iron based material-space debris. What makes meteorite rings so special is their natural patterns, which are the result of nickel-iron crystals growing as the heated meteorite very slowly cools over millions of years. 

3 x 3 x 3

This ring has three different colours from three different metals and three different widths of metal. The titanium sleeve and two titanium bands on either side hold the gold and silver bands in place to create a pleasing shape.

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Inspiration behind Timeless Pieces

In remembrance

With this ring, I remember you, my dear mother.

It is always sad when someone loses a sentimental jewellery piece or when it gets stolen. My client had a ring with stones that came from his mother’s most favourite brooch. He only had a photo to remind him of the piece he had specially made and asked me to remake the ring. The ring had to have the same colour of stones and set in the same style to retain his sentiment. I designed the ring to have solid lines and levels to complement the age-old “box ring” shape.

Damascus Ring

Being so inspired by a randomly formed piece of metal, it had to become a jewellery piece. Gents ring was the start. Adding a silver sleeve made it practical because steel rusts. Damascus steel is used for making chef’s knives or collector’s item. Now gents jewellery are made on order to fit even the connoisseur knife collector.

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